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While I agree that these people are not dressed for a walk to their mailbox let alone to a store of any kind, the photos and comment are supporting a stereotype. Girl sexi photo. Wow — missed the forest for the too short tied in a knot trees!! These folks are just plain pathetic.. Boobs at walmart. He caught up with us and began trying to run us off the road. All one needs to do to lose weight is EXERCISE and EAT LESS!! Three Ring Blogs awkward messages Beach Creeps Daily Viral damn that looks good d-bagging.

Style is about what looks good on you not just the latest fashion trend. Sim girls video. Many were upset and in one case we went to court. Are you in one of these pics? I do have a very large friend with a short dress that she loves but it showes her butt and her cottage cheese and I tell her that I will not be seen with her if she wears it. Do you hold that philosophy in every aspect of your life, or just personal appearance?

The lady in the white shorts can still fit into her high school clothes. Think about if you went and told them that. These are all the nice people we are likely supporting. If you call them.

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Think about if you went and told them that. Doll men sex. It is sad to see that people for whatever reason come into a public place with such attire. I saw a lady that did this, and by the time I was in the store, she had found her space she so desperately needed. Teen dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound as officers try to search his home Pension ordinance makes funding police and fire pension top budget priority Police: The other side complained i had stolen their privacy, degraded their social status, caused them mental harm, ruined their position or status in life..

You are a major league jerk. Boobs at walmart. NO MORE WALL MART FOR ME! Walmart would be doing us all a service if they would turn back to be re-dressed customers who defile the store and offend other decent customers.

I still want to know what the difference is in the Asian community and others, that they have so few fat asses. Any one else feeling ill? This is about common decency, self respect and respect for others! Shaming and mocking them is taking a cheap shot.

It should be taken off this site and an apology should go out to all.

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They are oblivious to the fact that eyes are everywhere and they may show up on a website. De Gay Young Lad Bet you wear your jammies while supersizing at McDonalds or picking up your government cheese. Im from the UK and luckily have never witnessed such ratchetness over here. Really, there is no need to eat an elephant a day. This is one obscene result of the changes among Americans in the ole USA which is now also being imitated in much part of the globe.

Cape Canaveral Blues Saggy boobs in walmart. Boobs at walmart. BBW Stacy42G Flashes In Stores This Hot Teacher Loves Showing Off In Public Who would have loved knowing that their teacher in school had a naughty streak? Society has certain standards of dress in a civilized society. THIS MUST BE THE STORE IN NORTH MIAMI BEACH FLORIDA … U WANNA SEE GROSS.

Hillsborough is the same so this covers a lot of Florida not just one county.

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